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Victoria Beau

100% Silk Pillowcase - Dove Grey

100% Silk Pillowcase - Dove Grey

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Size: 51x76cm

Material: 100% Silk

Care: Dry Clean or Hand wash in cool water with specialised detergent.

It’s no secret that using a silk pillowcase has lots of beauty benefits, but what are they and why do you need one?

It keeps skin cooler: While synthetic fibres trap heat, natural materials like silk are considered more breathable. Silk keeps skin cooler and reduces excessive sweating, When our skin is kept at a colder temperature, it’s less prone to redness and inflammation.

It’s keeps skin care on our face: Whether you have a hefty or lightweight routine, no one wants their skincare to slip or rub off skin in the night. That means, the serums and moisturisers we apply pre-bedtime have a better chance of staying where they belong: on our faces. Silk is actually known for being less absorbent compared to synthetically-derived materials. So, the moisture we apply to our face at night won’t rub off nearly as much.

 It’s hypo-allergenic: Our faces are on pillowcases for a huge chunk of the day — and if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, you’ll know the worry that can come with sleeping on your face. Silk is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so there’s less of a chance your pillowcase will harbour harmful germs.

It retains moisture: Silk pillowcases don’t steal your skin and your hair’s moisture while you sleep,this is all thanks to its absorbency rate. Silk absorbs around 11% of moisture (from skin and hair) in normal conditions. Other synthetic fabrics usually have an absorption rate of 30%.

And for your hair?...

It reduces bed head:  Silk is an anti-static material so a lot less rough on the hair. As a result, hair follicles aren’t as roughed up as we move around in our sleep so less breakage and frizz.


All our designs are 100% natural.
Sleepwear Sets: 100% Cotton
Eyemasks: 100% Silk
Pillowcases: 100% Silk

Size Help

Checkout the size chart here. Our sizing is generous because who wants tight pyjamas!? Model is a Size UK 8 and wears an xsmall.

Care Instructions

Pyjama Sets: Machine wash at 30 degrees. Hang dry and iron if needed.

Eyemasks: Dry clean only

Silk Pillowcases: Dry Clean or Hand wash in cool water with specialised detergent.

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